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The Black Dog Gun Range is a Premier Military and Law Enforcement Training Facility. Our mission is to provide members of today’s Military and Law Enforcement with quality classes led by Certified Professionals to provide you with the tools you need to overcome any challenge. Our Trained Professionals are here to assist today’s Operators with REAL WORLD TRAINING MISSIONS.

Additionally, for Military and Law Enforcement, we offer customized training missions to meet your needs using steel and paper targets, as well as live “aggressors”. For more information on our training missions, please feel free to contact us: 503-326-8239

For information on opening dates for  ranges:

Open 10.am to 11.pm Monday through Friday. Weekends closed!


For More Information About Classes or CoursesGun Shows, and Etiquette click corresponding links.

Thank you for your interest in The Black Dog Gun Range.

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